It’s 2022 and the internet is no longer a domain for young individuals. The truth is that Canadian seniors are shifting to online, computer, and smartphone use better than ever before. They use the internet to connect with family members from far away, make new friends, and keep them updated with the latest news about senior health, travel, events, and other things.

This blog will introduce you to some of the best and most interesting websites that seniors should check online. You can share and introduce these websites to your senior family members and friends. There are places to learn, have fun, share, and are ready to explore right from the comfort of home, not just in the real world but also in the cyber world.

LoveToKnow Seniors

LoveToKnow Seniors website is devoted to the unique needs of seniors. On this website, you’ll find tons of information about suggestions on retirement communities, home care, financial planning, and even hair and fashion recommendation, and yes they are specifically for seniors. They celebrate the fun of this stage of life as well as deliver valuable information.

If you want information and online resources from the Canadian government, you can visit This website can be your gateway to different online resources available for senior citizens. Just for You – Seniors is the page dedicated to Canadian seniors. They have a long list of useful content that you can read online. You can browse numerous online resources on senior health, subjects about healthy eating, diabetes, home care, mental health, different government programs for seniors, and much more.

Grandma Betty

Grandma Betty offers over 1,000 online sources and products for boomers and the elderly. Their content is anything a senior could be curious about. To name a few, there are links about skincare, grandparenting, gardening, foods, and recipes.

CTV News

CTV News is a news site that delivers news stories, international and domestic. Seniors love to know what’s happening around them. So if you want to get updated on what’s happening in Canada today or even in the whole world, you can check out their website for different news and current events. There are heaps of articles to read and news videos to watch.


MedBroadcast offers health-related sources. They have daily updates in medical and health news mainly from Canada they also cover international news as well. If you are looking for in-depth information regarding health conditions, you can find it here. If you need plenty of info on a certain medical case, this is a great site to see.

My Tuner – Oldies Radio Stations

Do you love listening to music? My Tuner can provide hours of fun in listening to old music back from the days. There are several lists of oldies radio stations to choose from. You can even set the filter into a specific location where you belong. If you love listening to the groove of old music, this website is a great place to visit.

Seniors Only Club

If you want to share your passion with other seniors on the internet and If you love hanging out in an online forum, Seniors Only Club is the website to check. You can discuss and chat about movies, science, faith, politics, fashion, and more. You can share a simple joke or talk about your life on this platform.


Facebook is a very popular social networking site. One of the fastest-growing demographics is seniors. This is probably the best option you have if you want to connect to your loved ones, grandchildren, and friends. You can even share your photos, videos, and thoughts for the whole world to see. Create an account and join your friends and family on Facebook.

 Sijison Home Healthcare

Sijison Home Healthcare provides a lot of useful online resources for seniors, from diabetic foot self-care, to ways to reduce your anxiety, and to taking care of your mental health to name a few.   We proudly provide high-quality home care services and we are committed to delivering care to meet the needs of Canada’s growing senior population through our home health services. We have a wide range of care and support services that will cater to your specific needs.

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