Handling varied signs of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and maximizing independence are practical goals that may demand some adjustments to your everyday habit and surroundings. Some adjustments may have things such as changing your residence to enhance accessibility and getting individuals to assist you to handle some of the chores that you are no longer comfortable with you or your loved ones do.

Getting the right home care services for your loved ones with Multiple Sclerosis is extremely vital.

What Is Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is the most typical immune-mediated disorder involving our central nervous system and is also known as encephalomyelitis disseminata. This involves the insulating coverings of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are impaired. The damage disrupts the capability of parts of the nervous system to send signals, resulting in a range of signs and symptoms, including physical, mental, and occasionally psychiatric issues.

What Is The Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

It is unclear what causes Multiple Sclerosis but the underlying agent is thought to be the destruction by the immune system and the proposed reasons for this include genetics and environmental factors. MS diagnosis is based on the signs and symptoms and the results of medical examinations.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis can be partaken in various parts of the body, relying on which part of the brain, optic nerve, or spinal cord is involved. Some symptoms of MS can’t be visibly seen and they don’t know that they are experiencing a symptom.

The signs are unpredictable. Some individuals’ symptoms grow and worsen steadily over the period, while for some, they come and go.

Multiple Sclerosis Common Symptoms

Eyesight Issues

Optic Neuritis is a disorder that affects the eye and your vision and is the first noticeable symptom in around 1 out of 4 cases of MS. Some may experience eye pain when moving the eye, flashes of light, involuntary eye movements, and temporary loss of eyesight in the affected eye which may stay for days to weeks.


Fatigue is one of the most typical and problematic symptoms of MS. It is defined as an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion which can be a struggle to even carry out the simple tasks. It hampers your day-to-day tasks and tends to get worse towards the end of the day.

Mobility Concerns

In some cases, you may experience tremors, difficulty with balance and coordination, dizziness, and vertigo. Moving around could be difficult, especially if you have muscle weakness and spasticity.

Neuropathic And Musculoskeletal Pain

Neuropathic pain is caused by chronic and progressive nerve illnesses. Some may experience stabbing pains in the face and a burning sensation in the trunk and limbs.

Musculoskeletal pain concerns bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, or muscles, especially for individuals who have difficulties in moving around that put stress on their lower back area.

Mental Health Problems

Some individuals with MS may experience periods of depression and anxiety. Perhaps because of the unexpected qualities of the condition.

Speech Problem

Some people may experience slurred speech.

Cognitive Dysfunction

The patient may experience cognitive dysfunction. It may include difficulties in learning and remembering new things, difficulty understanding, and processing visual details, and issues with reasoning. Some of these issues aren’t specific to MS and can be caused by a broad range of other conditions, including depression and anxiety, or even medicines.

Is There A Cure For Multiple Sclerosis

As of this day, there is no known cure for multiple sclerosis. The treatment generally concentrates on recovery from attacks, slowing the advancement of the disease, and handling symptoms. Some individuals have mild signs that no treatment is necessary.

Sijison Home Healthcare Role In Multiple Sclerosis

Since MS is a degenerative condition without a cure, it is necessary to concentrate on the symptoms of the disease and create an environment that enables you to feel at your best. Utilizing home care for MS is a perfect way to sustain the quality of life.

SIjison Home Healthcare can help you with daily living such as arranging transportation, running errands, household chores like cleaning, cooking, shopping, and laundry. Depending on the symptoms, we can help you with basic care like dressing, eating, going to the toilet, and bathing.

We can assist you in making adjustments in your home. Supporting your loved one to be more self-reliant is good for the patient and their family member. We can also aid you with medical equipment like a walker and wheelchair. To keep them safe and make it easier for them to get around.

We can also aid you to have a healthy lifestyle. Assisting you during exercise and preparing a healthy meal base on your nutritional requirements. The kitchen can be a dangerous area for seniors. There are heavy things, high cupboards, and hot appliances. We can work with seniors to aid them to prepare meals safely. We also assist with cleanup to stop the spread of bacteria or food-borne illnesses.

We can improve the health of your family member by guaranteeing that they don’t sense being isolated. In doing this, they may experience a more comfortable and happier life.

More MS patients are choosing to have their care in the comfort of their homes. Sijison Home Healthcare focuses specifically on delivering comfort involved in the care of MS patients and improving their quality of life.

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