COVID Safety

Our Response To COVID-19


COVID-19’s rapid growth has had an extraordinary influence on current health-care systems, resulting in a slew of challenging ethical dilemmas.

At Sijison Home Healthcare our goal is to provide ongoing support for individuals, their families, and their caregivers as part of the countries’ overall response to the pandemic. We work to keep people healthy by providing high-quality assistance when they need it and safeguarding the health-care system for future generations.

Frontline health care professionals play a vital role in Ontario’s ability to prevent, manage and treat COVID-19 outbreaks in the province. The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed resources to help health care professionals protect themselves, their colleagues and their patients.

 During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Our Goals Are:

  • To provide the best possible care to patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, as well as those with urgent non-COVID-19 conditions.
  • To maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of health care service delivery using available resources (e.g., human and material); and
  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in health-care settings.
What you can expect from us during a visit

When it comes to how we deliver care to patients during and after the pandemic, we continue to follow – and often exceed – Public Health guidelines.

  • Before each visit, we screen all patients and household members for COVID-19 symptoms. This is accomplished over the phone.
  • If symptoms appear, we adjust our care delivery plan in accordance with Public Health guidelines.
  • PPE safeguards both the provider and the patient. In the community setting, masks are discarded after each patient interaction.
Increased safety precautions throughout the organization

Aside from the careful, consistent processes we’ve put in place to ensure the safety of patients and staff during visits, we’ve made other changes to how we operate, such as:

  • All potential exposure risks among patients and our staff are being monitored and tracked, including mandatory self-isolation for staff returning from international travel, confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, and suspected COVID-19 exposure.
  • Educating staff on the most recent Public Health and Ontario Health guidelines and resources.

Additional guidance is available on Public Health Ontario’s website